Find the Moreal Roma, shirt makers since 1954, closest to you. At every point of sale, you will find qualified staff who will help you choose the most suitable shirt and accessories for you and for the occasion when you will wear it.

Every Moreal Roma shop has a large display of ready-to-wear shirts and various accessories, such as ties, bow ties, braces, cufflinks, Ascot ties, belts, scarves and vests, available in all fashionable colours.
At Moreal Roma, shirt makers since 1954, in addition to being able to book an

appointment to have your shirt tailor made, or buy a ready-to-wear shirt, you can request:

  • Post sales support for collar and cuff replacement
  • Tailor repair, how to shorten the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt
  • Pocket application
  • Monograms


“We are craftsmen and not entrepreneurs, that’s why we like to meet the customers, talk to them about the shirts they can see in the shop, take their measurements for making a tailor-made shirt, recommend the fabric and create a friendly atmosphere. We still like to see the remnant of fabrics and the spools of thread that turn into a single shirt that’s as unique as the customer who orders it.”

Paolo and Natalia