Size guide

Our tips for correct measurement

We want to make your online shopping as easy and pleasant as possible.
Our size chart shows the measurements of our shirts in all their essential parts. If you are not familiar with a tailor's tape measure on your body, we recommend that you take the measurements of a shirt that fits you perfectly. It is understood that each brand has different fits and that you will therefore have to find the best compromise between your shirt and ours.

The tailor's centimetre should be placed at the end of the seams and not included in the measurement itself.
The fabric should not be pulled, but left stretched without exaggeration (better if the garment you are using for measuring is ironed!).

Consider that your shirt has been washed over and over again and it is normal that it has suffered shrinkage.

If you choose a heavy shirt, bear in mind that it may feel a little tight on the first try, conversely a linen shirt will feel softer after a few hours (body heat helps to stretch the fibres).

Our regular fit shirts are smooth in the back up to size 44, from size 45 to 48 they have two pleats (one on the right and one on the left) under the shoulder.
The slim fit does NOT have wedges at the back, but is an addition that can be made on request.
When ordering, please contact us by e-mail or via the site chat.

Are you familiar with a dressmaker's tape measure and want to take body measurements?

Get the measurements right!
To determine your size, pay attention to the following measurements:

• a. Chest circumference: measurement at the armpits at the widest part of the bust.

• b. Waist circumference: measurement just above the navel.

• c. Hip circumference: measurement from the widest part of the hips.

• d. Arm length: measure starting 'from the tip of the shoulder to the wrist' with the arm bent at a right angle in front of your chest, up to the wrist.

• e. Neck circumference (get help) let the tape measure adhere to your neck while keeping below the adam's apple and without squeezing.

With this valuable information you can finally find out which size fits you best by using the tables you can find directly in the product tab, please note that the measurements you find on the table include extra centimetres which we call "fit"
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