Moreal Rome
Shirt makers since 1954

At Moreal Roma , shirt makers since 1954 you can have a tailored shirt made or choose between tailored shirts ready for delivery


From the choice of the finest fabrics such as cotton and linen, to the selection of colours and styles, each customer is guaranteed a garment that is refined, completely unique and well-finished in every detail. Owing to the skill and mastery of the staff, you can bring into your home the timeless elegance of a tailored shirt that can adapt to any situation.
Buttons, collars and cuffs: hundreds of possible combinations for creating the perfect garment for your body or for the occasion.

Paolo and Natalia will accompany the customer from start to finish, from the taking of measurements to customising of all the small details, developing the first paper pattern and creating, in various stages, the first made-to-measure shirt for you. When the purchased product is ready, they will contact you for the final test. If you want an authentic tailor-made garment, with sartorial taste and skilfully made to measure, please book an appointment with Moreal Roma, shirt makers since 1954.



Every shirt follows the Italian tailoring tradition handed down from generation to generation and, in the case of the Moreal family, handed down from father to son.

Numerous possible combinations to create your style:

  • Non-adhesive inner collar
  • Removable splints
  • Internal splints
  • Attachment of the neck to the body woven on the inside and on the outside.
  • Fabrication of the inside of the neck and wrists with natural materials to increase durability and to make them comfortable, while ensuring they have the right softness.
  • The collar tips are trimmed with an indentation that allows collars to be obtained with perfect tips.
  • Soft removable slats that allow the collar to be modelled according to the shape of the wearer.
  • Seams with 8 stitches per centimetre.
  • Buttons made of a precious material such as mother-of-pearl, if required.
  • Body and sleeves closed and attached in two parts (with a closed bust), as this is an essential aspect of high-quality tailoring that makes the garment more wearable in terms of movement.
  • Off-set sleeve openings, sewn and riveted by hand, for those who require them, with understitching that raises the shirt to a very high standard in terms of quality.


Book an appointment
with Moreal Rome's tailors

Call one of our stores in Rome and make an appointment, our specialized tailors will take your measurements and will know how to recommend the fabric and the various details that will embellish your shirt.

You can choose from a selected range of fabrics, colors and patterns to which you can make the collar and wrist model that best suits your physicality and your style. Obviously you can enrich your shirt by embroidering your monogram.