What makes any men’s shirt the shirt you are looking for?

Perfect manufacturing and a tailored fit are definitely very important. However, first and foremost, it is the fabric that determines the style and makes it something really special.
To create your perfect shirt, you must carefully choose your fabric, not only depending on the season when it will be worn, but also depending on how well it goes with the other clothes that will be worn and its suitability for occasion when it will be used.

  • Cotton.
    Cotton fabrics which, as well as being very hard-wearing, allow your skin to breathe and are cool in the summer and warm in the winter, prove that they are perfect for all seasons. If made the fabric is made with the technique that produces double twisted cotton, it becomes decidedly softer, higher quality and more hard-wearing than fabric made of simple single-thread cotton. For a flawless look throughout the day.
  • Linen.
    Very fresh linen shirts are ideal for wearing on hot summer days. This particular type of fabric is extremely good at absorbing humidity. It has remarkable thermo-regulatory properties and is also hard-wearing. Perfect for summer evenings by the sea and in the city.
  • Silk.
    Brilliance, softness and a pleasant feel are the main features of the silk shirt, which is a must-have garment in the wardrobe of all those who prefer an elegant and refined style. For important events.


Fil-à-fil fabric

Fil-à-fil fabric is a French-designed fabric. The term is the literal translation of “end-on-end” and is one of the lightest fabrics with a weft created by interweaving white threads and coloured threads.
The resulting texture produces a very detailed visual effect, similar to a striped or micro-chequered fabric. Although it is a very light fabric, fil-à-fil fabric can be used for any season of the year and because of its particular method of processing, many colour variations can be found. Perfect for the businessman or for a very special day off work.


The name popeline is derives from the word “Pope,” as the production of this fabric began in Avignon, seat of the papacy in the fourteenth century.
Popeline typically has a subtle striped effect, because of its plain weave with twice as many warp threads as weft threads. Thanks to its special weave, it allows an optimal transpiration. It is also suitable for those who also want comfort and freshness under their jackets in winter and it lends itself to patterns with a square motif. A compact, thin, had-wearing fabric that is soft to the touch and a true classic of men’s fashion. For work and formal occasions.


The name comes from the University City of Oxford in the UK. It is unique in that it consists of fine yarns (often coloured) in warp and thicker white yarns in weft that give it its typical “dotted” or “chequered” appearance.
Originally, it was used for sportswear and garments as it was heavier than other options, but now this fabric is suitable for the manufacturing of versatile shirts that can be worn casually. The button-down collar is recommended. For your free time or your working days.


Denim is known throughout the world for being the main fabric of denim clothing and, first and foremost, because of the famous blue jeans. However, not only are trousers made with this fabric, but also shirts of the typical indigo colour, noted for their strength and subtle thermal insulation.
Denim is formed by a weft of threads of the same colour of cotton (white) and by a warp of vertical threads that have been dyed blue. Suitable for leisure time.


Twill fabric has a twill weave, i.e. its crossing points are arranged diagonally. This process creates light lines in relief, oriented at 45 degrees, which give the shirt a special oblique ridging.
It is a compact, quite heavy fabric that can maintain its folds for a long time and is easy to iron. It is suitable for taking with you on a trip and as a formal shirt that never gets creased.


Flannel is one of the softest fabrics used to make shirts. Flannel is often indicated for sportswear and flannel shirts can be particularly warm and are perfect for the coldest time of the year.
Different colour and texture variations exist that can be used to make different designs and colour shirts to match the tastes of those who buy. Flannel can be made of wool, it can be composed of a cotton weave and, if you want a fresher solution, it can be made entirely of cotton. To the touch, flannel shirts feel soft, warm, and slightly furry. For leisure time in the autumn or winter.


English weave gauze is usually preferred for cotton or linen shirts, as it is suitable for warm climates due to its breathable effect and the elasticity that it guarantees the wearer.


Ideal fabric for the hot summer months because it is light, breathable and thinner than most other fabrics.
Its qualities are the result of the weaving of very fine warps and weft, as well as the exclusive use of pure cotton.

Linen and Cotton 65%/35%

Moreal Roma makes linen and cotton shirts that combine the freshness of linen with the softness of cotton.
Since the percentage of linen accounting for 65% of the total weight, shirts made of this fabric are particularly suitable for wearing during the summer.


The choice of colours is not a detail that should be underestimated. Colours range from the classics, such as white and light blue, which is an essential wardrobe item for anyone who prefers a simple style, to the more flamboyant colours, such as purple, salmon and orange, which are recommended for more daring people who do not want to go unnoticed.


Informal Collars

for a casual chic style (leisure time, night clubs, outings with friends, and more relaxed situations such as at university or at the office), you can choose from the following types of collar:

  • Cortina Button Down, with 2 buttons
  • Douglas Button Down, with 1 button
  • Sir button down, 1 button (without tie space)
  • Soft Paris


collars for shirts to be worn exclusively with ties for ceremonies, business meetings, anniversaries and official dinners. All models have internal splints. You can choose from:

  • Classic Paris
  • Zurich
  • Menton (Semi-French)
  • Madrid (highest Menton Semi-French)
  • Vieste (French)
  • York with 2 buttons (high with two buttons)


Cuffs are not a negligible detail when it comes to making a shirt that is a perfect fit. Moreal, in Rome since 1954, makes different kinds of cuffs, including cuffs that best suit your style needs, but also suit your functional needs:

  • Classic cuff with 1 button
  • Classic cuff with 2 buttonholes and cufflinks
  • 1 button bevelled cuff
  • Cuff with cufflinks
  • Hobby cuff with 2 bevelled buttons